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Bearing and Swelling Properties of Randomly Distributed Waste Jute Reinforced Soil

Murat Ozturk*, Ali Firat Cabalar

DOI: 10.28978/nesciences.348326


In this study, waste jute, which was provided from textile companies, was investigated to define effect of waste jute on swelling and bearing behavior of the sand used. Three different water content (17, 19 and 21%) and four different waste jute addition amount at different percentages (0, 1, 2, and 3) by mass of dry soil were selected as design variables. With defined variables Swelling Ratio and California Bearing Ratio (CBR) tests were conducted. According to test results it is concluded that minimum swelling ratio was observed in the test containing 3% jute with 19% water content and the highest value of CBR was observed in the sample containing 2% jute with 16% water content. In addition to that, CBR values of unreinforced samples were decreased when water content increased from 16% to 21%. However, CBR values of reinforced samples increased with increasing water content from 19% to 21%.


Waste, Jute, CBR, Swelling, Recycling

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