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Stress Analyses of Strip and Rectangular Footings Rested on Loose Sands

Yakup Turedi, Murat Ornek*

DOI: 10.28978/nesciences.349298


In this study, the stress, the bearing capacity and the settlement behavior in the loose sandy soils were investigated experimentally and theoretically. The study was performed in central loading conditions using strip and rectangular footings. The vertical stresses resulting from the external are measured for three different distances simultaneously. And also the load-settlement curves were obtained. The results showed that the bearing capacity increases when the length of the footing increases and the measured vertical stress values decrease along the depths for all the three types of the footing types. The test results were compared with theoretical results given in the literature. As seen from this comparison, the experimental results are in accordance with the theoretical results.


Model Tests, Soil Stress, Strip Footing, Rectangular Footing

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