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Length-weight relationship and condition factor of Ankara barb Capoeta angorae (Hankó, 1925) in Asi River (Hatay, Turkey)

Sibel Alagoz Erguden *, Cemal Turan

DOI: 10.28978/nesciences.328918


We studied the length-weight relationship (LWR) for commecially important Ankara barb, Capoeta angorae collected from Asi River during the period from March 2015 to February 2016. A total of 208 specimens were examined for this study. The total length ranged from 8.5-37 cm and total weight 6.10-426 g for C. angorae. Length-weight relationship was found as the W = 0.020xL2.784 (R2=0.983) for all individuals of C. angorae. The types of growth were found negative allometric growth for all individuals. Fulton’s condition (CF) factor values also showed significant variations (P<0.001) female (1.102) and male (1.068) for C. angorae individuals respectively. To the best knowledge of this study presented the first reference on LWR and Condition Factor (CF) this species from Asi River.


Length-weight relationship, Ankara barb, Capoeta angorae, Asi River, Turkey

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