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Length-Weight Relationships of Four Lessepsian Puffer Fish Specıes From Muğla Coasts of Turkey

Gökçen Bilge*, Halit Filiz, Sercan Yapici


In this study, length-weight relationships were given belonging to Tetraodontidae family: Lagocephalus sceleratus (Gmelin, 1789), Lagocephalus spadiceus (Richardson, 1845), Lagocephalus suezensis Clark & Gohar, 1953 and Torquigener flavimaculosus Hardy & Randall, 1983. Specimens were collected via different fishing activities (e.g. longline, trammel net, bottomtrawl) from Muğla coasts (South Aegean Sea, Turkey) during 2014. Specimens were thown back sea after length and weight measurements because of restrictive legal requirements. Minimum, maximum and mean total lengths and weights were established as 5.3, 10.6, 7.25 cm, 3.96, 31.57, 11.28 g for T. flavimaculosus, as 16.7, 63.8, 29.34 cm, 64.36, 2968.42, 342.39 g for L. sceleratus, as 11.8, 27.9, 16.48 cm, 27.98, 287.48, 74.24 g for L. spadiceus and as 8.6, 15.9, 10.62 cm, 7.94, 43.56, 15.47 g for L. suezensis, respectively. LWR equations were calculated as follow: W= 0.03761 *L2.8363(R2= 0.896) for T. flavimaculosus, W= 0.01646 *L29272(R2= 0.974) for L. sceleratus, W= 0.03327 *L2.7315(R2= 0.913) for L. spadiceus and W= 0.02138*L2.7586(R2= 0.871) for L. suezensis. Four pufferfish species were show negative allometric growth (A-) model.


Pufferfish, Tetraodontidae, South Aegean Sea, Turkey

Volume 2, No 3, SUPPLEMENT OF SYMPOSIUM ARTICLES, pp 36-40, 2017

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