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A 5th order video band elliptic filter topology using OTRA based Fleischer Tow Biquad with MOS-C Realization

Ahmet Gökçen*, Uğur Çam

DOI: 10.28978/nesciences.286253


A new 5th order video band elliptic filter topology is presented. In video applications high order elliptic filters were used. The proposed 5th-order lowpass filter was simulated with PSPICE simulation program. The elliptic filter configuration consists of two cascade connected lowpass notch filters and a lowpass filter which is obtained using OTRA based Fleischer Tow biquad. After designing the 5th order video band elliptic filter topology, the MOS-C realization is obtained and used in PSPICE simulation.


Operational Transresistance Amplifeir, Video filter applications, High order eliptic filters

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