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Underwater Observation and Threats on Groupers in the Iskenderun Bay, the Eastern Mediterranean

Necdet Uygur, Cemal Turan*


Serranids, primarily members of the genera Epinephelus, bear the brunt of subsistence and commercial fisheries in the Iskenderun Bay, the Eastern Mediterranean. Recent decreases in catches are largely attributable to overfishing and other illegal activities in the Iskenderun Bay. The demographic characteristics and threats of larger members of the genus Epinephelus in their underwater habitats are poorly known. The underwater observations at the depth to 40m in the Iskenderun Bay revealed that the underwater threats are ghost fishing, nets, cover pot, spear fishing, dynamite fishing, anthropogenic pollution. The video and picture presentations of the underwater threats of the genera Epinephelus species are documented. This study was documented under the TUBITAK project (214O575).


Underwater Observation, Groupers, Epinephelus, Iskenderun Bay, Pollution

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