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Determination of Some Morphometric Characteristics of Serranus cabrilla (Linnaeus, 1758) Lives in the Aegean Sea

Umut Uyan, Rifat Tezel*, Murat Celik, Kenan Gullu


The aim of this study is to determine some morphometric characteristics of stripped grouper Serranus cabrilla (Linnaeus, 1758) which is abundant in costs of Aegean Sea. Fish samples were obtained via sport fishing activities carried out in Ildir Bay (Cesme, Izmir) that held in June-July 2016. The 34 fish samples of S. cabrilla caught during the sport fishing activities was transferred to laboratory on an ice layer. Digimizer (MedCalc Software 2014) software program was used to determine morphometric characteristics. Samples were located as their heads to left and fixed on the ground with needle. Fish samples were photographed from upper side via a Canon EOS 550D (18-55 mm lens) trademark camera. The photographs were transferred to Digimizer 4. 3. 1. software program and morphometric characteristics of stripped grouper were analyzed. From these samples twelve morphometric measurements were made and statistical relation analyses were applied to these measurements.  Total length, caudal length and standard length of fish samples were measured with a 1 mm measurement precision fish length measuring scale. Fish weight was measured with 0,001 g measurement precision scale. The length and weight of samples were between 9,5-16,4 cm and 16,61-89,89 g respectively. The total length-standard length equation for S. cabrilla population was calculated as TL= 0,8341 (SB)-0,1903 (R2=0,98). Hence a very important relation between total length and standard length was determined. Moreover, significantly important relations were determined between standard length and basal measurements of predorsal length, head length, prepelvic length, preanal length, dorsal fin length.


Stripped grouper, Grouper, Sport fishing, Ildır Bay

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