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Catch Rates Some Species of the Family Serranidae in Angling in Gokova Bay, Southwest of Turkey

Murat Celik*, Hasan H. Atar, Celal Ates, Umut Uyan, Sercan Yapici


This study was conducted as an amateur fishing activity between September 2015 and March 2016 in Gokova Bay in the Aegean Sea (southwest of TURKEY). 4 different sizes (2,4,6,8 no) of straight and kirbed hooks on 4 tippets were used on fishing lines. Common prawn (Palaemon serratus Pennant, 1777) was used of as bait. Due to the food needs of our country and the world as well as intense stress people are in an effort to benefit from the sea and inland waters. One of the most important of these activities is amateur fishing. Amateur fishing is a fishing method which is very difficult to control economically and ecologically. Notably the species which is called discard species, catching under the length limit fish can be caused no end damages. Throughout the study, 8,37% of fished individuals were just species of the family Serranidae. By the rates of these species are respectively; Serranus scriba (5,93%), Serranus cabrilla (1,40%), Serranus hepatus (0,22%), Epinephelus costae (0,18%). Within the discard species; S. scriba (13,11%), S. cabrilla (3,09%), S. hepatus (0,49%) and E. costae (0,39%) were designated. Due to the place in the food pyramid that has ecological importance to know the proportion of these species in the catch composition in amateur fishing is crucial to determinate the damage of amateur fishing activities.


Amateur fishing, Angling, Gökova Bay, Hooks, Catch rate

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