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Otolith Biometry and Fish Length Relation of Serranus cabrilla (Linnaeus, 1758) Caught from Ildir Bay

Umut Uyan*, Murat Celik, Rifat Tezel, Celal Ates


The aim of this study was to determine the correlation between the lengths, widths and weights of otolith and the lengths and weights of fish samples of Serranus cabrilla caught from Ildir Bay. Standard length (SL) measurements were made with a 1 mm precision fish length measuring scale. Weights were measured with a 0,001 gr measurement precision scale. Then the length and width of left and right otoliths were measured via a stereo microscope with x1 augmentation and 10 μ precision micrometric ocular. The weights of otoliths were measured with a 0,0001 gr precision fish length measuring scale. Statistica 8.0 Software program was used and T-test analyses carried out for statistical difference between otoliths. Right and left otolith lengths, otolith widths and otolith weight of samples represents population were 6,1705- 6,1751 mm, 2,5116- 2,5576 mm, 0,014- 0,012 gr respectively. Finally, there wasn’t founded any statistical difference between right and left in terms of otolith lengths, otolith width and otolith weight (p>0,05).  In consequence of there is no statistical difference between the right and left otoliths, the researchers working on otolith biometry of that species could use each right and left otoliths without a differentiation. In this research deeply significant relation between the otolith biometry and standard length was specified. 


Stripped grouper, Grouper, Serranidae

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