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Characteristics of Fishing Gear Used to Catch Groupers in the Southern Aegean Sea

M. Hakan Kaykac, Celalettin Aydin*, Zafer Tosunoglu


In this study, it was investigated structural characteristics and their efficiency of fishing gears used for groupers in the southern Aegean Sea. While Epinephelus costae, E. aeneus and E. marginatus are caught densely, Hyporthodus haifensis, E. caninus and Mycteroperca rubra are seen rarely in that area. Data were gathered via face to face interview from local fishers. Technical characteristics of fishing gears were given according to FAO catalogues manner both with scale and detailed. Fishing gears, trammel net, thick longline and hand line for species-specific, are used commonly for the species. Inner and outer mesh sizes of the trammel net are 80-90 mm and 360 mm, respectively. Drop length of the net is about 1.5 m. 8-9 no straight hooks are used commonly in the longline whereas artificial bait with hook is used for special design hand line by local anglers. The fishing pressure of the gears should be balanced for sustainable grouper fishery with increasing their selectivity or reduced efforts.


Aegean Sea, groupers, trammel net, longline, handline

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