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The Age Dependent Meat Yield Variations in Mottled Grouper, Mycteroperca rubra (Bloch, 1793) from Iskenderun Bay, Northerneast Mediterranean Sea, Turkey

Funda Turan*, Cemal Turan


Investigation on age dependent meat yield of Mottled Grouper Mycteroperca rubra was carried out on 43 specimens collected from Iskenderun Bay, Northern east Mediterranean Sea between November 2015- September 2016. Samples were provided from the TUBITAK project (214O575). Analysis of meat yield was based on the calculation of the ratio between the body weight and the weight of organs or body parts such as head, skin and internal organs. Average meat yield was found to be 65.64%, internal organs weight was 8.66% and head weight was 17.52% of the body weight. Weight ratios of head, fin and internal organs and skin of the fish to body weight were found as 17.52%, 4.14%, 8.66% and 3.85% respectively. The highest rates of meat yield (74.69) was observed at age 5. Age dependent average meat yields have varied from 61.97% at age 3 to 74.69% at age V. Moreover, there were strong correlations between body weight and head weight (P<0.001); the body weight and weight of internal organs (P<0.001) and body weight and meat yield (P<0.001) correlations were determined as 0.987, 0.972 and 0.997, respectively.


Mottled Grouper, Mycteroperca rubra, Meat yield, Iskenderun Bay

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