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An Investigation on The Pointed Comber (Serranus scriba Linnaeus, 1758) Straight and Kirbed Hooks With in Gokova Bay, Turkey

Celal Ates*, Murat Celik, Sercan Yapici, Umut Uyan, Hasan H. Atar


The aim of this study is to reveal which was carried out on different bottoms that 4 different sizes (2,4,6,8 no) of straight and kirbed hooks on 4 tippets used on Pointed comber (Serranus scriba Linnaeus, 1758) in handline fishing between September 2015 and March 2016 in Gokova Bay in the Aegean Sea (southwest of Turkey). Pointed comber Serranus scriba (Linnaeus, 1758) is one of the 537 members of the Serranidae family which live between 5-150 m depths, in rocky bottom and Posidonia beds. They feed on fish and small crustaceans. Due to the carnivores which is S. scriba has ecological importance and it is called discard species in the region. During the study 34 individuals of this species were captured by angling. The weights were ranged from 4.33 g to 107.73 g. 73% (1039,08 g) of obtained total fish weight (1421,97 g) was captured with straight hooks and remained 27% (382,89 g) of the total fish weight was captured with kirbed hooks. No mortality and no hemorrhages were observed. The reactions have been had just after casted fishing lines in 3 min. (sd. 2,34 min.). 50% of captured individuals were fished in less than 2 minutes. There was no difference found in terms of statistical between two type of hooks (P<0.631). Consequently, the use of straight hooks has been appropriate for S. scriba by reason of low mortality in handline fishing particularly in catch and release fishing.


Pointed comber , Serranus scriba, straight hooks, kirbed hooks, Gökova Bay

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