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New record of diamondback puffer Lagocephalus guentheri Miranda Ribeiro, 1915 from the North-Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey

Deniz Erguden*, Ferhat Kabaklı, Ali Uyan, Servet Ahmet Doğdu, Serpil Karan, Mevlut Gurlek, Cemal Turan


One specimen of the diamondback puffer fish, Lagocephalus guentheri (33.7 cm, TL) was caught by a commercial trammel net at a depth of 37 m on 12 May 2017 from the Arsuz coast, Turkey. The present paper is the first report of L. guentheri from the eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Morphometric and meristics characters of our specimens are given and some remarks about the geographical distribution of the species in the all around the Mediterranean is presented. Although L. guentheri is recorded in the Mediterranean Sea and have been reported from the North-eastern Aegean waters of Turkey. The present study, L. guentheri was recorded for the first time from the northeastern Mediterranean, Turkey (Iskenderun Bay). The present of this species in the Mediterranean is propably due to migration from the Red Sea via the Suez Canal.


First record, Diamondback puffer, Iskenderun Bay, Turkey waters

Volume 2, No 3, SUPPLEMENT OF SYMPOSIUM ARTICLES, pp 60-66, 2017

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