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Assessing DNA Barcodes for Identification of Pufferfish Species (Tetraodontidae) in Turkish Marine Waters

Cemal Turan*, Mevlüt Gürlek, Deniz Ergüden, Ali Uyan, Serpil Karan, Servet A. Doğdu


In Turkish marine waters, pufferfish belongs to Tetraondontidae family are represented with 8 species, Lagocephalus lagocephalus, L. sceleratus, L. spadiceus, L. suezensis, L. guentheri, Sphoeroides pachygaster, Torquigener flavimaculosus and Tylerius spinosissimus. DNA barcoding can be useful in the assessment of cryptic or morphologically similar species of identification which is widespread in marine environment. The DNA barcode identification of the eight puffer species of the Tetraodontidae family in Turkish marine waters were examined by using mtDNA sequencing of the amplified partial mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase I (COI) gene. COI contained 189 variable and 337 conservative nucleotides of which 183 were parsimony informative over 526 bp. Mean genetic diversity of all species was found to be 0.18164. The highest (0.26127) and lowest (0.00305) nucleotide divergence was observed between L.spadiceus and T. flavimaculosus andd between L. spadiceus and L. guentheri, respectively. The number of different haplotypes were 12 out of 23 sequences, and there was no shared haplotypes between pufferfish species.


Pufferfish, catch amount, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Turkey

Volume 2, No 3, SUPPLEMENT OF SYMPOSIUM ARTICLES, pp 48-59, 2017

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