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Occurrence of the exotic shell-bearing Bulla ampulla, Linnaeus, 1758 (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in the Gulf of Antalya

Mehmet Gökoglu* , Serkan Teker, Jale Korun


Bulla ampulla, belonging to Bullidae family, is a marine gastropod species with bulb. Members of Bullidae family are distributed in tropical and temperate waters. It is usually found in habitats of sand, mud, gravel, gren algae and sea bottoms, at intertidal flats, on tide-pond sand at depths of up to 70 m. For another scientific study conducted at Konyaaltı beach (36.883522° N, 30.678739° E), while doing scuba diving at a depth of 15 m; Pinctada radiata, Venus verricosa, Chama pacifica shells and two Bulla ampulla shells were found near the octopus nest. Shell of our species was measured as H:53,61 and 46,23mm, color; Brown greenish with two dark bands and shell elongate. The biodiversity of the exotic species of the Gulf of Antalya has slightly increased with the presence of this species.


Bulla ampulla, Exotic, Gastropod, Gulf of Antalya

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