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First Record Marbled Shrimp Saron marmoratus (Olivier, 1811) from Turkish Marine Waters

Deniz Ergüden, Necdet Uygar, Onur Ayan, Mevlüt Gürlek, Ali Uyan, Serpil Karan, Servet A. Doğdu, Cemal Turan*

DOI: 10.28978/nesciences.424659


During the Scuba survey at the Çevlik coast area of the southeastern side of the Iskenderun Bay on February 3, 2018. One male specimen of marbled shrimp Saron marmoratus was collected by scoop net at a depth of 15 m. With the present study, S. marmoratus is the first time reported from Turkish marine waters. S. marmoratus probably be entered the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal.


Indo pasific shrimp, Hippolytidae, New record, Iskenderun Bay, Mediterranean Sea

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