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First Record of the Pempheris rhomboidea (Kossmann & Räuber, 1877) from Northeastern Mediterranean Sea (Mersin Bay)

Nuray Çiftçi *, Mısra Bakan, Deniz Ayas

DOI: 10.28978/nesciences.522664


In this study, eight individuals of Pempheris rhomboidea (Kossmann & Räuber, 1877) were for the first time caught in the Mersin Bay, Northeastern Mediterranean Sea. Some morphometric and meristic characters of these individuals were measured. The average standard length (SL): 90.13 mm, total length (TL): 112.62 mm, the length of longest pectoral fin (LPF): 25.88 mm, the length of longest dorsal fin ray (LDF): 21.25 mm, SL/LPF: 3.88, SL/LDF: 4.24, A: III, 39-42; D: VI, 9; LL pore scales: 55-58. The ratio of eye diameter (ED) to standard length (SL) is 7.95. The presence of the non-indigenous Pempheris rhomboidea was reported for the first time from Northeastern Mediterranean Sea and second time fromTurkish marine waters.


Pempheridae, Sweeper, First Record, Northeastern Mediterranean Sea, Mersin Bay, Turkey

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