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Length-Weight Relationships and Condition Factors of 15 Fish Species from Kizilirmak-Yesilirmak Shelf Area, the South-Eastern Black Sea

Ayşe Van, Aysun Gümüş *, Serdar Süer

DOI: 10.28978/nesciences.522375


Length-weight relationships (LWRs) of 15 fish species from Kizilirmak-Yesilirmak Shelf Area (KYSA), south-eastern Black Sea were described. A total of 21.246 fish specimens were caught between 2009-2014 using bottom and pelagic trawl nets. Parameters of b estimated for these species varied between 2.82 and 3.49 and r2 varied from 0.82 to 0.99. The lowest condition factor was estimated for Aphia minuta as 0.50±0.005 and the highest for Scophthalmus maximus as 1.68±0.014, respectively.


Length-weight relationships, demersal fish, pelagic fish, Black Sea.

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