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An Investigation of Base Plate Connections of a Steel Industrial Building Having Different Column Cross-Sections

Pinar Salahaldin Hussein Hussein, Gunnur Yavuz*

DOI: 10.28978/nesciences.567052


In this study, steel column base plate connections of steel buildings that are one of the most important connection regions were studied. Two dimensional static analysis of a steel industrial building was performed and exposed column base plate dimensions were determined according to American Institute of Steel Construction Code-LRFD (Load and Resistance Factor Design) method. The effects of selected steel column cross section types on the behaviour of column base plate connection were investigated by using RFEM finite element analysis program. For this purpose, finite element analysis of three types of column base plate connection models were performed and evaluated comparatively. From results, the best value for top column lateral displacement was obtained in W column section-base plate connection and the best behaviour for Von Mises stresses values was obtained in square hollow section column. The undesired behaviour was determined when using circular hollow section column-base plate connection type.


Industrial building, Column, Base plate, Finite element analysis, LRFD

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