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Detection and 3D Modeling of Brain Tumors Using Image Segmentation Methods and Volume Rendering

Devrim Kayalı *, Ulus Çevik


This paper is on detecting brain tumors using MRI images, and obtaining a 3D model of the detected tumor. With the developed software, image segmentation algorithms were applied to MRI images to separate tumor from healthy brain tissues. In the development phase, various image segmentation algorithms were tried, and high success rates were aimed. After obtaining an algorithm with a high success rate, a 3-dimensional image of the detected tumor will be generated using volume rendering. With this image, features of the tumor such as its location, shape and how it spreads in the brain can be observed.


Tumor, mri, image segmentation, volume rendering

Volume 3, No 3, SUPPLEMENT I of SYMPOSIUM ARTICLES, pp 79-86, 2018

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