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First clinical case of the venomous Lessepsian migrant fish Plotosus lineatus in the Iskenderun Bay, the Northeastern Mediterranean Sea

Cemal Turan, Mevlut Gürlek*, Hakan Daghan, Sefa A. Demirhan, Serpil Karan


Venomous characteristics of Plotosus lineatus can cause some allergic reactions in human. The striped eel catfish has potential risks due to its venomous characteristics tough its stings are often result in severe pain and other health problems. The present study reports a first sting injury case of the venomous P. lineatus on fisherman who hold the P. lineatus on the deck of trawl in the Iskenderun Bay, northeastern Mediterranean.


Plotosus lineatus, lessepsian invasion, venomous, sting injury case, the Mediterranean Sea.

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