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Investigation of Joinning Perforate and Filtrate Papers Using Different Joining Methods

Hasan Özdemirden*, Ersin Bahçeci


In this study, it is aimed to investigate the joining of filter paper, which we classify as oil, fuel and air filter by four different methods. It has been determined whether it meets the post-merger requirements or not. The oil, air and fuel filter papers are pleated using pleats, ultrasonic, metal clips, polyamide-based hot melt and heat after being pleated (folded) to form media. Post-merger macro studies were performed after combination. Media was transformed into final filter product than buble test, air permeability and pore size test were applied. In terms of bonding quality, respectively it can be said that the metal clips, hot glue, ultrasonic welding and heat bonding methods should be, but in considering both quality bonding and to make saving, then metal clips, ultrasonic welding, hot glue, and heat methods should be followed.


Filter paper, filter, ultrasonic welding, metal clips

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