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EMG Controlled 3D Printed Bionic Hand

Yalcin Isler, Ozlem Isler


When muscle fibers contract, they generate electric signals by the exchange of ions across those fibers' membranes. These signals can be detected to control extremities and other organs after being applied to some processing, analyzing and filtering techniques. In this study, we aimed to design a 3D printed hand, which is easily adaptable to all amputees, with microcontroller-based control using EMG signals via open-source tools. All the mechanical parts were fabricated using an additive manufacturing method of 3D printing. The hand can move all fingers separately in an accurate way and it is fully controllable by a general-purpose microcontroller board. The design decreases the production period and cost of the prosthetic hand.


3D printing, EMG, Signal processing, Bionic hand.

Volume 4, No 3, SUPPLEMENT I of SYMPOSIUM ARTICLES, pp 59-64, 2019

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  • 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand with Intelligent EMG Control Timothy Inglis 1007168555 Supervisor: Dr. Leonard MacEachern April 10, 2013.