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Extraction of Floor Session Area of Building Plots by Length Vector Additional Technique in Different Types of Zoning Building Organizations

Selim Taşkaya*

DOI: 10.28978/nesciences.1159231


Zoning plans are the design work required for the correct use of space in terms of urbanization. While creating zoning plans, zoning islands are created together with various planning methods. Reconstruction islands are also named as having legends such as residence, subject + commercial, commercial, social areas, religious facility areas called places of worship, green areas. The important part is how the construction permit is given to the parcels that will coincide within these islands. This process is the zoning diameter. Zoning diameters are the drawings made on the ground according to different methods. In our study on how to give the zoning diameter to different types of zoning islands, it was aimed to add the lengths of the parcels, which we call length vector addition, with each other to provide appropriate distances into them in a perpendicular or parallel manner. It was examined how the zoning island would be given a diameter in terms of length according to the precedent and the amount of height processed in the plan.


Different types of zoning islands, length method, zoning diameter

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