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Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Public Aquariums in Turkey

Gülseren Akbulut, Sehriban Çek-Yalniz*

DOI: 10.28978/nesciences.1221627


In order to reduce the dispersing of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), countries worldwide placed limitations on social interactions including closures of public aquariums. Fifteen public aquarium in different cities of Turkey helped economic growth of cities before covıd-19 pandemic. Effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic on public aquariums in Turkey were investigated. Data collected from four representative samples of the public aquariums. A face-to-face survey method used. Forty-one questions were asked. Based on the survey, COVID-19 has affected virtually all aspects of the public aquariums. Prolonged and repetitive COVID-19 public aquarium closures led to an abrupt cessation of visitors within Turkey public aquariums. The number of visitors decreased by 37.5%. Activities of public aquariums decreased by 100% in one aquarium, 25% and 5% in other two aquariums. The number of workers in all public aquariums decreased by 25% during COVID-19. 100% of public aquariums did not promote by the government and /or any other organization. 25% of public aquariums observed stress in aquarium animals in post COVID-19 pandemic. These results suggest variable impacts of COVID-19 closures, reflecting public aquariums and government interactions. The findings from this research may be useful in the advance readiness of public aquariums against disaster like COVID-19. Moreover, we suggest a national organization to be established and named as ‘’Turkish Public Aquariums Group’’ including all public aquariums in Turkey.


COVID-19, survey, visitors, fiscal aid, government

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