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Capture of a Rare Smoothback Angelshark Squatina oculata (Squatinidae) in Turkish Waters, with Updated Records from the eastern Mediterranean Sea

Okan Akyol*, Tülin Çoker, H. Betül Toprak, Christian Capapé


The authors report on the capture of a specimen of smoothback angelshark Squatina oculata Bonaparte, 1840 from Turkish marine waters. The specimen measured 720 mm in total length and was caught by means of a commercial purse-seiner at a depth of 60 m. The species appeared to be sporadically caught in the area and the eastern Mediterranean Sea, however, the size diversity of recorded specimens shows the species still occurred in the region. Although the smoothback angel shark is listed as a protected species according to Turkish Marine Fisheries Act, a management plan should be integrated with local fisheries to preserve the species from extirpation throughout its distribution range in Turkish seas.


Squatinidae, fishing pressure, management, threatened species, eastern Mediterranean Sea

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