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Investigation of groundwater zooplankton fauna from water wells in Kilis province in Turkey

Ahmet Bozkurt*

DOI: 10.28978/nesciences.1338127


A total of 27 taxons, 12 from Rotifera, 1 from Cladocera, and 14 from Copepoda, were determined in the study, which was conducted by sampling 4 times from 29 water wells. A total of 3 families were detected from Rotifera and Lecanidae was the richest family with 8 species. Among the 6 families of Copepoda, Cyclopoidae had 8 species. The rotifer species with the largest distribution areas were Lecane closterocerca (found in 15 wells), Pleuroxus aduncus, the only species from Cladocera, was found in 21 wells and Kinnecaris xanthi had the widest distribution area (found in 27 wells). In terms of total zooplankton species, it was determined that wells 3, 12 and 18 were the richest with 14 species. While Rotifera was found in limited quantities in all water wells, Pleuroxus aduncus from Cladocera, Diacyclops longuioides, Megacyclops viridis, Monchenkocyclops mehmetadami and Thermocyclops dybowski from Copepoda were found in very large quantities. In addition, the genus Ectinosoma is reported for the first time from inland waters of Turkey with this study.


Zooplankton, water wells, Kilis Province

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