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Length-Weight and Length-Length Relationships in Three Serranus Species from Southern Aegean Sea, Turkey

Gokcen Bilge*, Sercan Yapici, Halit Filiz


In this study, length-weight (LWR) and length-length (LL) relationships were calculated for Serranus cabrilla (N= 310), Serranus hepatus (N= 504) and Serranus scriba (N= 763) specimens collected seasonally via commercial trawl vessel between January-December 2013 and 30-90 meters depth from Gulluk Bay (southern Aegean Sea). LWR equations were calculated as follow: W= 0.007*L2.926 (R2= 0.917) for S. cabrilla, W= 0.022*L2.806(R2= 0.936) for S. hepatus and W= 0.009*L3.130 (R2= 0.923) for S. scriba. While, S. scriba shows positive allometric growth (A+), S. cabrilla and S. hepatus have negative allometric (A-) growth model. Length-Length relation formulas were calculated as follow: FL=0.933*TL+0.298 (R2= 0.876), SL= 0.877*TL–0.497 (R2= 0.842), SL= 0.939*FL-0.759 (R2= 0.853) for S. cabrilla, SL= 0.712*TL+0.866 (R2= 0.917) for S. hepatus and SL= 0.998*TL-2.768 (R2= 0.874) for S. scriba. The L-W and L-L relationships provided in this study could serve as a useful tool in the future studies in the wider study area and as a future reference for comparisons of similar parameters estimated in other Mediterranean regions for three Serranus species.


Serranus cabrilla, Serranus hepatus, Serranus scriba, length-weight relationships, southern Aegean Sea

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