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Morphometric Differences Between Serranus cabrilla (Linnaeus, 1758) Populations from Mediterranean and Aegean Sea

Deniz Yaglioglu*, Deniz Ayas, Ali Uyan, Servet Dogdu


The aim here is to investigate morphometric structure of comber Serranus cabrilla populations from Aegean Sea (Izmir) and Mediterranean Sea (Mersin). Truss measurements were made on the specimens by collecting X-Y co-ordinate data for 10 morphological landmarks. Discriminant function analysis was used to investigate morphometric differences between populations using SPSS. Univariate statistics (ANOVA) revealed highly significant differences among locations from 9 out of 18 truss measurements. In discriminant function analysis, a high degree of morphologic differentiation was detected among populations. Proportions of correctly classified individuals into their original grouping showed high classifications in the Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea samples, 100 % and 97.1%, respectively. It was observed that samples from the Aegean Sea (Izmir) and Mediterranean Sea (Mersin) were different from each other.


Serranidae, Comber, Serranus cabrilla, morphometric

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