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Serranid Fishes in the No-Fishing Zones of the Southern Part of Datca-Bozburun Special Environmental Protection Area (SEPA), Turkey

Halit Filiz*, Nail Sevingel


The study conducted in six No-Fishing Zones (NFZs) in the Datca-Bozburun Special Environmental Protection Area (SEPA) to determine the Serranid species in the areas, and to form a primary work for the future monitoring studies. The study carried out between November 2012 and June 2013 as seasonally and underwater visual census (UVC) technique was applied. The fishes were observed/recorded via free diving on the certain 100-meter transects in the every area. Frequency and dominance analysis were computed. As a conclusion, seven species (Epinephelus aeneus, E. marginatus, E. costae, Mycteroperca rubra, Serranus cabrilla, S. scriba, and S. hepatus) belonging the family Serranidae were determined. Totally 566 individuals were counted. E. costae was found as most observed (n= 182) species in whole areas. This study conducted in six NFZs in Datca-Bozburun SEPA was significant since became it's an initial study, and we believed that it's useful for the future studies will be conducted on NFZs. In addition, in order to give reliable results of conservation practices covering a longer time is needed for sampling and monitoring studies has emerged as a result.


Marine Protected Area, Groupers, Underwater Visual Census

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