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Thank you for your interest in the Natural and Engineering Sciences (NESciences). You can submit your manuscript or track your submission via Editorial Manager for online submission and manuscript tracking. We look forward to handling your submission.
In order to allow swift consideration of your work, NESciences has relaxed some aspects of manuscript formatting until a manuscript is resubmitted following review and provisional acceptance for publication. Therefore, please carefully follow these instructions to avoid unnecessary delay and possible rejection of your paper.
The aim and scope of NESciences is to publish exciting, high quality science that addresses fundamental questions in Natural and Engineering Sciences. The Author declares that the manuscript is original and has not been published elsewhere in any form, that it has not been submitted to any journal/proceedings and that it will not be submitted to any other journal/proceedings. 
To verify originality, your article may be checked by the originality detection service Crossref Similarity Check. In the iThenticate and Turnitin Similarity Reports, a maximum overall similarity score of a M&S must be less than 20% without References and less than 30% with References. The Author is responsible for the research and results described in the paper If it is accepted for publication in the NESciences. If the article is a joint work of several authors (co-authors), the Author who submits the article declares that any person named as author (co-author) of the Article is aware of the requirements of this agreement and has agreed to being so named. The Author warrants that the article does not infringe upon any copyright, contains no libelous or otherwise unlawful statements and does not otherwise infringe on the rights of others. The Author transfers the copyright for this publication/article to the Publisher. The Author licenses to the Publisher the right to distribute the Article as a part of NESciences.

Authors must follow the national and international ethical standards for all kind of experiments (both on human beings, and on animals).

Preparation of Manuscripts
Manuscripts must be submitted in electronic version only, as well as the original figures and tables. The text of the manuscript should be single-spaced throughout and with 2,5 mm left and right and 1,25 top and bottom margins, including References, Tables and Figures on A4 paper format using a standard font (e.g. MS Word, Times New Roman, 12 punts). The Tables and Figures must be embedded accordingly within the textIn order to facilitate the review process, line numbers should be inserted throughout the manuscript.

The structure of the manuscript
1. Title
Below the title, authors full name, authors affiliations and corresponding author must be placed
5. Materials and Methods
6. Results
7. Discussion
9. Compliance with Ethical Standards

Sub-numbering should be applied under the main section.


A concise and informative title should be given and the title should be in sentence format. The title page should include: The full name(s) of the author (s),  affiliation(s) of the author(s).  The e-mail address of the corresponding author. The address of every author’s primary affiliation (university, research institute, etc.) must be given in full. Ideally, no more than one address per author should appear.

The abstract should not exceed 250 words in research papers, the abstract should not contain any undefined abbreviations or unspecified references.

Please provide 3 to 5 keywords which can be used for indexing purposes.

Main Text
the main text comprise Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion episodes. For submission in MS-Word format, Table and Figures must be embedded within the text, accordingly. One line space must be given before and after Tables and Figure in the text. The preferred position of tables and figures in the text should be indicated in the left-hand margin. The main text including figures, tables and references, original contributions should not exceed 12 manuscript pages, all single-spaced. Figures and Tables must be limited to an essential minimum, at most 8 for each.  Authors must obtain permission from the copyright owner or cite the author to use any figure, table or map that has previously been published. Authors should include a statement on the welfare of animals in the Materials and Methods entitled “Compliance with Ethical Standards” if the research involved animals when submitting a paper. The author will be held responsible for false statements or failure to fulfill the above-mentioned statement.

Authors can thank any help obtained during the research and indicate funding with grant number.

Compliance with Ethical Standards 

The corresponding author will include a summary statement in the text of the manuscript in a separate section before the reference list. See below examples of disclosures:

a) Conflict of Interest: any existing conflict of interest should be given here.

If no conflict exists, the authors should state:

Conflict of Interest: The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

a) Statement on the Welfare of Animals

If animals used in the study;
The welfare of animals used for research must be respected. When reporting experiments on animals, authors should indicate the following statement:

Ethical approval: All applicable international, national, and/or institutional guidelines for the care and use of animals were followed. 

Or, for retrospective studies; a summary statement in the text of the manuscript should be included as follow:

Ethical approval: For this type of study formal consent is not required.

b) Statement of Human Rights

When reporting studies that involve human participants, authors should include the following statement:

Ethical approval: The studies have been approved by the appropriate institutional and/or national research ethics committee and have been performed in accordance with the ethical standards as laid down in the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki and its later amendments or comparable ethical standards.

Or, for retrospective studies; a summary statement in the text of the manuscript should be included as follow:

Ethical approval: For this type of study formal consent is not required.

All references should be cited in the text in APA (American Psychological Association 6th edition) style; see  website  for details:

According to APA style, the references should be cited in the text by author and date, e.g. (Funda, 2007) or (Nehir & Tolga, 2013) or (Bostanc─▒ et al., 2014).

In the text; Jones & Powell (1993); Peterson et al. (1995, 1998); Smith (1990) suggest that...

At the end of the paper, the references should be listed alphabetically according to the name of the author.

Here are some examples of the references in the APA style:

Vella, N., Vella, A., & Mifsud, C. (2017). First Scientific Records of the Invasive Red Swamp Crayfish, Procambarus clarkii (Girard, 1852) (Crustacea: Cambaridae) in Malta, a Threat to Fragile Freshwater Habitats. Natural and Engineering Sciences, 2(2), 58-66.

Turan, C. (Ed.) (2007). Atlas and Systematics of Marine Bony Fishes of Turkey. 1st edition, Nobel Publishing House, Adana, Turkey.
Rick, S. (2008). The Electronic Engineering K. Chair & M. Chapman (Eds.). New York, NY: Anchor.

Laplace, P. S. (1951). A philosophical essay on probabilities. (F. W. Truscott & F. L. Emory, Trans.). New York, NY: Dover. (Original work published 1814).

Froese, R., & Pauly. D. (Editors). 2018. FishBase. World Wide Web electronic publication., version (02/2018).

Copyright Form must be filled and attached during the M&S submission

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